Avoiding Infidelity in a Relationship


Avoiding Infidelity in a RelationshipNowadays, the main cause of broken relationships and annulment of two married people is the idea of being disloyal to their partner. Sad but true, infidelity is an apocalypse and a catastrophe in a relationship.

It is a temptation that once you entertain could be impossible to escape. So, before it touches you, learn to run away from it for the consequences are heavy.

The main reason why infidelity or cheating on your partner does happen is that of the weak foundation of your relationship. It also varies like having inadequate sexual satisfaction, not happy with the flow of your relationship or simply saying that, “lust had overcome love”.

For most men, infidelity is a huge conundrum for they are having a hard time dealing with desire. But even so, we need to balance morality and instinct in order to have a proper control.

Remember that you are in a battle against sexual lust. For the sake of strong relationship ties, marriages, morality and values, we need to defeat infidelity by some steps.


Identify Why You are Tempted to Cheat
Common reasons include the lack of sexual excitement on your partner, being depressed or frustrated with your relationship, or simply saying that “the grass is greener on the other side”.

Take care of your relationship by identifying what is the problem in order to deal with it before it could go wrong. Or you can try diy anal bleaching to spice things up.

Talk with Your Partner about the Issue
By doing this, you and your partner could take some actions and precautions. Try to be honest about your feelings. Maybe the reason why you are having these ideas about cheating is that your eyes are fogged that you can’t see how much your partner love and appreciate you.

If you feel that the love isn’t growing at all, the both of you need to discuss the “rules” on your relationship, and for you to be enlightened on the real situation.

Think about the Worst Things That Could Happen
Imagine if you give in to the temptation you are feeling right now, what will you lose? How will your life change drastically? If you and your partner own a home and have children, you would not be able to be with them anymore.

Face the reality of cheating – the cheater often has to leave. Don’t you mind your partner waiting for you? Your children excited to have a family bonding? Those years of sweet memories the both of you shared? Try to think carefully about the consequences as it could help you fight temptation.

Make a List of Your Partner’s Best Qualities
Enumerating your lover’s good side can be a great contribution to remind you of how he caught your heart, why did you love him from the start.

Making a list of his physical aspects and traits could help you to focus and think only of your partner.

Think Positively in Your Relationship
Avoid thinking unnecessary ideas in your relationship. Try reminiscing your happy times, unforgettable events that made your heart flutter, or try encouraging enjoyable new hobbies together with him.

Bringing relationship ties closer can enhance the love and bond for the both of you. Try spending quality time with him such as visiting friends together, a movie and dinner date while discussing your experiences like when you were first got together.

Avoid Any Potentially Compromising Situations
Because you know that you are attracted to this person, make sure to avoid putting yourself in a situation that could get out of control. Don’t get his phone number, decline his invitation to eat together, don’t make him your Facebook friend or simply do not entertain his advances towards you – ever.

In order for your present relationship to grow, do not break your partner’s trust and remember that you are not single anymore to flirt with anyone you like. You have a responsibility of taking care of your partner’s trust and love for you.

Remember Who You are to Harness Your Passion
Are you a cheater? Are you a liar? Are you a heartbreaker? Or maybe you are a kind person who is not the type to hurt the person that loves you. Sometimes, lust is just a desire that hasn’t been released. It is also a deep passion inside of you.

It is said that your sexual lust or desire is a type of “chakra” or energy wherein you can release it positively by applying it on art, music, writing or whatever talent you possess. Try to be a good individual by doing beneficial acts. It could make you forget those libidos and to focus on what is right and moral.…